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Welcome to Armands Bay Beach

clothing-optional legal nude beach.

Home base for Armands Beach Leisure Group

While this last Summer was a bit wet and wild it had been quite hot at times. and we did get quite few people to the beach. However things have changed in recent times with a growing number of restrictions owng to the spread of COVID and limitations in the distances we can travel.

We hope that everyone is faring well under the circumstances and look forward to the times we are able travel more easily and getting back to spending time at the beach. Also there has been no way that we have been able to organise some of other activities and, as you will see in the newsletter, we have had to cancel our Strip into Spring Dinner that would normally have been on the long weekend in October. There is not only uncertainty about any relief from trhe lockdown but also from the being able to have a gatherings at Murrah Hall.


Bearing that in mind, we will assume that the Nude Year's Eve dinner proceed.

If you'd like to subscibe to our newsletter could you forward your email address to ABLG via this webpage or contact Dave at

Also on the Accomodtion page there is a new entry from one of our long standing ABLG members for an offer of accomodation at very reasonable rates. Check it out

Other matters that are of significance is that there has been some changes in how we work now to get the letters prepared and published, we are dropping the need for recipients of the posted newsletter of the need for $5.00 as there are only a handfull of those and the effort to collect, and account for that minor amount of funds has become too tedious.

Also, attached to the newsletter is a request to Bega Shire Council for some support for maintenence and repairs to the main access track to the beach. Over recent times there has been a continuation of the degradation of the access track making difficult for everyone, but especially our regular visitors who are advancing in their years. We have asked in previous years but without any response from Council. So, we are making a formal request now and attached a letter written by Ashely and forwarded to them. In addition there is a petition form (also attached at the end of the letter) that we would like to have as many people print out separately and that has an outline and space to add your own comments about what the beach means to you and why you would like to see it maintained. If you are a couple, please each submit a petition searately if wish.


In the meantime you can view the......

Latest: Au Naturel No.113 Spring 2021 Newsletter (in Microsoft Word format this time instead of PDF)
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Rated as one of the prettiest and accessible nude beaches in the world.(TAN) No1 Eastern States (S&H)


Mark your diaries now for the next "Family Fun in The Sun Day", March 13th 2022

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Unfortunately 777 store no longer carries TAN magazine.



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